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All of our actions take their hue from the complexion of the heart, as landscapes their variety from light.

Francis Bacon

Elçin Sümer is a sculptor, interior architect and jewellery designer, who blends many significant personal skills in herself. Elçin successfully manages to combine all her talents by utilising the macro perspective she acquired from a variety of disciplines, and elevates the concept of jewellery to higher grounds, into a form of art.

Her perception of life is founded on 3 well-built pillars, such as observing and perceiving, discovering the environment created by the objects of her design and exploring the elements that makes the body complete. With these in mind Elçin aspires to create, inspire, love and share…

What She Does

Nothing defines home design  more than the personality of the inhabitant.


Elçin thinks that this discipline is one of the most powerful instruments to integrate forms into life. By the help of this arrangements and installations, houses, offices and all kinds of inner spaces can be dressed with spiritual reflections.

Through this, they can join with their real identity, which also suits them best. For this reason, she interprets interior architecture as a sculpturing work in wide proportions.

I really don’t have a theme when I start a sculpture. The rock guides me to the final sculpture. I think that is true for many creative sculpture artists.

Jimmy Carl Black

Elçin sees forms as the most important tools to express herself. If it was possible, instead of words and gestures, she would prefer to communicate with people through forms, patterns and objects that she creates. That is because she can see the forms from a wider and unusual point of view, on the contrary to common perception. She realizes that forms have a special power. She perceives them as the language of the soul.

That is why she believes that sculpture is an integrated part of her individuality from the day she was born. She feels that, it is so deeply rooted in her mind and heart that, in this field, she has started life ahead of other people. She grabs the meanings of the things and learn the details in mere seconds. She deeply understands and feels the objects, angles, textures and materials in full detail. She transforms them to become a part of life.

Jewelry has the power to be this one little thing that can make you feel unique.

Jennie Kwon

Every soul is extremely special. That is why Elçin thinks the jewelries that are carried on the most personal and delicate parts of the body must also be extremely exclusive, totally harmonious, flawless and aesthetically charming in every way. She designs wearable sculptures under this philosophy and introduce them to people’s life.

For Elçin these little objects must exceed their own identities to become sculptures and works of art that are completely in harmony with the wearer’s body and soul. They must reflect the soul and individuality of its owner with splendor. Furthermore, they must become a symphony to plant sparks in the observers’ hearts just in the exact way the owner aims for.

Elçin loves to connect with people. You can follow Sumerian on Facebook and Instagram or you can directly connect with her over Linked-in.


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