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Old and New Combined in Harmony
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Project Details


Date: 21 February 2014

Suma Han is a second degree historic building located in Bankalar Caddesi in Karaköy Istanbul- it is a building that houses many apartments, offices, communal spaces mostly for people in the creative sector. On the 4th floor there is an apartment which measures 125m2 and belongs to Süreyya Arıoba.
This existing apartment which was decorated by the owner with antiques from his family and objects he collected from around the world- it did however lack an overall harmony and Elçin Sümer took over this role. Below are the pictures of the completed loft.

Sümer’s primary purpose in decorating this loft was juxtaposing the old identity of the building and the furniture with the youthful/modern side of the owner, Süreyya Arıoba.

Her first attempt at this was revamping the kitchen, adding the brick to the walls to harmonize the space with the historic building as well as modernizing the cabinets by making them stainless steel.

Later followed the colouring, lighting and placement steps which can be observed below.


One of the biggest challenges when dealing with this apartment was to utilize all the valuable antiques that brought with a sense of stiffness to the room, for this reason dark colours that absorbed light were chosen.


Lighting was another challenge- the first piece Elçin designed was the icosahedron chandelier, that when not lit was a 20 piece mirror that when lit radiated light to all corners of the loft- Sumer also utilized Hue with light bulbs that could change colour and transform the atmosphere of the apartment at any time of the day.


Placement of objects around the room is pivotal and for Sumer, all pieces have a story but to be able to enjoy their story without feeling overwhelmed was a challenge and fluidity in the room had to be created.