Architecture & Sculpture


My idea is to bring happiness, respect, vision. poetry, surrealism and magic [to design]. We have to replace beauty, which is a cultural concept, with goodness, which is a humanist concept.

PhIlIppe Starck

Elçin, does not limit the definition of observing and perceiving with the physical perspective. She believes that some important details cannot be seen by the naked eye but can be felt with heart. Consequently, she aims for the perfect harmony; she wants the objects and spaces that she creates to unite with their users not only by the means of physical forms but also through the emotions they emit.

Sümer gained a lot of knowledge and experience in many different disciplines through years, and continuously improving herself. However, some fields get ahead of the others, and play a vital role in her designing unique artworks and bringing them to life which are sculpture, form and interior design.

Elçin believes that sculpture has become an integrated part of her individuality from the day she was born. She feels that, it is so deeply rooted in her mind and heart that, in this field, she has started life ahead of other people. She grabs the meanings of the things and learn the details in mere seconds. She deeply understands and feels the objects, angles, textures and materials in full detail.

Sumer sees forms as the most important tools to express herself. If it was possible, instead of words and gestures, she would prefer to communicate with people through forms, patterns and objects that she creates. That is because she can see the forms from a wider and unusual point of view. Elçin realizes that forms have special powers and perceives them as the language of the soul.

For Elçin this discipline is one of the most powerful instruments to integrate forms into life. By the help of this arrangements and installations, houses, offices and all kinds of inner spaces can be dressed with spiritual reflections. Through this, they can join with their real identity, which also suits them best. For this reason, she interprets interior architecture as a sculpturing work in wide proportions.


Marble Powder
Cast Molding / Copper Patina
30×80 cm / 8 kg

After graduating from Marmara University, Fine Arts faculty, in 2011 with a degree in sculpting, Elçin continued sculpting and creating for a living. You may view some of her sculptures here click on them for more detail.

Marble Powder, Poliester Molding
Bronze Coating / Copper Patina
90cmx30cm / 4 kg

Marmorial Molding / Carving
Marmorial Material & Color Shadowing
300×80 cm

Brass Molding
85×180 cm

Zamak Alloys, Full Molding
Bronze Coating with Dye Oxide Patina
90×90 cm

Zamak Alloys, Full Molding / Silver Coating
Dye Oxide Patina / Chrome Grinding
100×90 cm


Sümer has been designing interior spaces since 2012. You may view some of her work here and can get more information by clicking on the ‘View Online’ buttons.

Studio Suma

Studio Suma, situated on the ground floor of the historic Suma Han building in Karakoy, is a 125m2 multipurpose studio, that was designed to function as a photograph studio primarily. This project was actualized after hard work from Sümer and her team.

Suma Venue

Suma Venue, is a 250m2 space that was used in the past as a distillery, printing press and later as a storage space. After years of neglect and damage caused to it by humidity the space was transformed into a 700 pax venue.

Süreyya Arıoba Loft

Suma Han is a second degree historic building located in Bankalar Caddesi in Karaköy Istanbul- it is a building that houses many apartments, offices, communal spaces mostly for people in the creative sector. On the 4th floor there is an apartment which measures 125m2 and belongs to Süreyya Arıoba.

Académie Léon

After graduating from Marmara University, Fine arts faculty, with a degree in sculpting and interior design- Sümer decided to open an art academy- Académie Léon where she could have her own creative space that she could simultaneously use as a teaching studio. For this project, Sümer transformed the space on the basement floor of the Suma Han building.