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Date: 15 January 2015

Online: www.studiosuma.co

Studio Suma, situated on the ground floor of the historic Suma Han building in Karakoy, is a 125m2 multipurpose studio, that was designed to function as a photograph studio primarily. This project was actualized after hard work from Sümer and her team.

Light and perception of depth was pivotal when designing this space- the aim being to maximize the use of natural daylight and reflection within the space. The main feature in the space was the infinity wall that meant the whole space had to be adapted to it in order to create the wanted effect- the measurements for the infinity wall stood at 4,5 m height by 10m x 7,5m. Sumer also added a 3-tier curtain system to the ceiling and sides of the room to manipulate the light as needed.

When the studio was being designed Mobility was key as a multi purpose space it needed to change uses on a daily basis, therefore every piece of furniture was designed specifically for ease of movement and practical flexibility.

The Vanity tables were another site specific design that had whithin in multiple sections that could be used for other purposes. Furthermore luminescent glass was used as a surface for the ease of colour identification that Make up artists need.

The mirrors on the vanity tables as well the lighting around the mirrors were designed with the help of Make up artist to give the wanted effect, which was to neutralize the lighting around the person standing opposite the mirror.

A picture from an art exhibition titled Wildlife by İbrahim İhsan Oğuz.

Studio Suma, situated on the ground floor of the historic Suma Han building in Karaköy, was the final instalment of the Suma Han Revitalization Project. Pictures in this section were taken during the renovation process.